The Docks Drive-In Movie Theatre: Best Seats in the House


It’s Sunday. You want to see a movie, but your friends are claiming they’re broke. Instead of getting roped into another couch-bound evening of TV and video games, tell those bums to put on some shoes and get in your car. It’s summer blockbuster season, and you know the perfect way to experience it: under the stars, with snacks in hand and your friends’ color commentary in the background. You’re going to The Docks Drive-In Movie Theatre, and you’re bringing your whole crew with you … no matter what they say.

As you pull into the Docks Entertainment Complex, you feel a cool breeze from the lake nearby and get a little whiff of that irresistible movie popcorn. You won’t have trouble finding a spot — there are 400 of them, and The Docks has never had to turn a single car away. The price per car–no matter how many people are in it–is just $25 on Carload Sundays, and that’s for two movies, so be the hero and pay for everybody.

They’ll be thanking you soon enough. The Docks Drive-In Movie Theatre has two big screens, which enables the venue to debut a new movie each week. Each double-bill consists of one new release and one current release. This means you and your pals will have to duke it out to determine whether you’ll see a superhero movie, a rom-com, or … a different superhero movie.

While you’re waiting for the first flick to start, check out the show in the open sky. The cloudy sunset that surrounds the black screen is as pretty as any starlet. Once darkness falls, turn on your radio and let your car’s fancy sound system bring that blockbuster to life. Your ride is as comfortable as your living room, but you can’t get first-run movies on your couch. And the best part is, if you and your pals aren’t digging the picture, you can always turn down the volume and dub in your own story line. That’s guaranteed to bring the laughs, unlike the latest Hollywood offerings.

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The Docks Drive-In Movie Theatre

176 Cherry Street Toronto ON M5A 3L2

(416) 465-4653

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