deKefir: A Twist on Frozen Treats


Getting all your friends together at one specific time can be hard enough. Factor in the added challenge of finding a sweet treat that you all can enjoy guilt-free and the outing becomes a full-blown mission impossible. Here comes deKefir to the rescue. This little sweet shop provides a healthy alternative to ice cream. Kefir is a dessert similar to yogurt – light, tangy and a little sour – but it’s actually (stay with me here) milk with kefir bacteria, an ingredient that’s incredibly friendly to your digestive health. Think of deKefir as your favorite froyo shop’s crunchy cousin. Tucked away in the PATH, you’ll find such toppings as chia seeds, hemp heart, and a walnut-sesame mix available to add a little extra texture to your treat. There’s also a fine smattering of fruits available, from the standards to the more obscure, like pomellos and dragonfruit. And those little crackle bits in the kefir? That’s a signature secret recipe. And don’t worry about trying to pile on every topping that catches your eye. Make sure everyone tries out a few different flavors then pass around your bowls and share the love with your pals. That’s what friends are for.


333 Bay St Toronto ON M5H 2R2

(647) 352-2220

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