Dance Cave: Bring Your Best Moves


So often, when you and your girlfriends go out dancing, you don’t get much of a chance to actually dance. There may be some head-bobbing and bouncing in your chairs, but real dancing–on a proper dance floor–seems to elude you every time. Avoid this tragedy on your next girls night out with a visit to Dance Cave, where you can hit the floor and move with reckless abandon all you want. It’s not quite a cave, since it’s located on the second floor of Lee’s Palace concert hall, but it takes the dance part of its name very seriously, and you can find yourself lost among the throngs of dancing fools moving to the music within moments of walking through the doors.

The DJs spin pop, rock, and hip-hop tunes, so you can always count on an upbeat scene, but Dance Cave loves to feature specialty nights, too. Britpop night, punk/new wave night, or ’80s/’90s night are the typical favorites — but even on themed nights, you can expect to hear a few hip-hop standbys to change up the beats and keep people moving. The dark ceiling, gold-painted columns, and funky geometric artwork on the walls provide the perfect atmosphere to relax and let the music take over. Although it draws a lot of University of Toronto students (it’s close to campus, after all), the crowd most nights is a comfortable mix of ages and styles, and everyone seems to fit in just fine–as long as they’re not afraid to show their best moves.

As the night goes on, more and more bodies pack the floor. When you need a break, head over to a comfy leather booth together — they seat up to eight people, so the new friends you met on the dance floor are surely welcome to join. You won’t want to stay there for long, though. As the pulsing bass of a familiar song starts up, you spring back out of the booth and back to the dance floor. With a fun, relaxed scene like this, it just seems silly to stay on the sidelines.

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Dance Cave at Lee's Palace

529 Bloor St W Toronto ON M5S 1Y4

(416) 532-1598

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