The Crooked Cue: Join the Pool Party


With everybody’s busy schedule these days, getting all your friends together in one room can seem like an episode of Mission: Impossible. But when you finally decide once and for all that you all – yes, all of you – are going to hang out this weekend no matter what, make sure you start the party at the Crooked Cue. This popular Etobicoke pool hall is perfectly suited for large groups of friends, with a spacious bar room, great food, and no fewer than 20 pool tables to choose from. You’ve all been pals a long time, so get into the competitive spirit by challenging each other to a game of eight-ball where the winner gets bragging rights and the loser buys the next round. Let the friendly trash-talking begin as you crush the cue ball for a thundering break and slowly demolish your opponent, ball by ball, until your finally sink that eight ball in the corner pocket to the cheers of onlookers. If your friend seems crestfallen after suffering such a defeat at your skilled hands, make amends by breaking bread together over an order of bruschetta with feta cheese and a couple fresh steins of Steam Whistle Pilsner. Once the rematch is underway  and the stakes are even higher, you just might notice a rather confusing reversal of fortune. Either your friend suddenly became an expert pool player, or you just got hustled. Either way, laugh it off as you head to the bar to hold up your end of the deal. It’s all fair when you’re out on the town with your favorite people.

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Crookey Cue

3056 Bloor St W Toronto ON M8X 1C4

(416) 236-7736

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