Courage My Love: Bold Vintage Fashion


There’s no telling what you’ll find in Kensington Market. Packed with eclectic shops all covered in ivy and murals, you’ll find a little bit of everything, with some true gems hidden in the tightly-packed racks. Vintage wonderland Courage My Love is the spot to pick up fashionable clothing at reasonable prices, so call up your thrift-loving friends and get ready for a treasure hunt on your next outing with friends. You’ll be greeted by the soothing scent of incense at this hippie hideaway, setting the Stevie Nicks-type tone that this boutique is known for. But don’t be fooled, as this spot isn’t all knitted shawls and turquoise jewelry. Split up throughout the store and sift through the cashmere sweaters, silk tops, and vintage dresses. Then head to the fitting rooms to play dress-up, sharing your picks and getting second opinions from your most trusted fashion advisers. Now that you’ve found the right outfit, take advantage of Courage My Love’s incredible shoe selection to find matching footwear, be it a leather boot, a moccasin, or a classic wingtip. Don’t be afraid to be bold – your free-spirited style has found a home.

Courage My Love

14 Kensington Ave Toronto ON M5T 2K1

(416) 979-1992

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