Honest Ed’s: Carnival of Kitsch


To call Honest Ed’s a discount store would be the understatement of the year. This cavernous retail emporium comprised of two buildings connected by a sky bridge is nothing less than a carnival of kitsch, with rock-bottom prices on some of the loopiest items you’ll find anywhere. So for an offbeat afternoon with friends, head over to this 16,000-square-foot bargain bin and get ready for a shopping adventure to remember. You’ll know this store is different before you even walk through the doors, as no fewer than 23,000 light bulbs adorn its theatre-style marquee, a throwback to legendary founder “Honest Ed” Mirvish’s penchant for the stage. Once inside, split up and try to find the most ridiculous bargain from an inventory that dates back to the store’s founding in 1948. You’ll find plenty of essentials of course, like $13 jackets, 88-cent tubes of toothpaste, and $3 espresso makers, but get creative and sort through some of Honest Ed’s weirder selections, from vintage posters to quirky Toronto souvenirs to the city’s deepest collection of Elvis busts. Meet at the cash registers to pay for your shopping spree (guaranteed to be less than you expect) and then head to a nearby restaurant or pub to compare notes. The selection—and prices—are simply too amazing to be believed. Good thing you brought all your friends with you, or else they’d call you’re a liar. As the sign in the store says, at Honest Ed’s, “only the floors are crooked.”

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Honest Ed's

581 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M6G 1K3 ON

(416) 537-1574

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