When it comes to finding new music, the modern audiophile has several options. There’s the internet route, clicking and downloading the new Arcade Fire album at the touch of a button. And then there’s a visit to an actual music store, where racks of CDs and LPs line the walls, the stereo is always playing some deep cut, and the staff knows all the new releases and most of the classics. For music fans who prefer the latter experience, there’s Sonic Boom, one of Toronto’s most beloved independent music stores. So the next time you’re looking to add to your collection, call up your music-junkie friends and head over to this music emporium on Bathurst Street, where you’ll walk out with more than just some new CD’s, you’ll get a education. You’ll know Sonic is different when you see its window display, a silly and constantly-evolving tribute to the covers of recently-released albums. Walk in and be amazed by its impressive collection, with thousands upon thousands of albums organized by genre. Send your friends throughout the store—R&B connoisseur one way, indie lover another—to pick out their lesser-known favorites, then meet up and swap. You might not listen to the same music, but you trust your friends, right? Give their selections a shot, and feel your musical universe expand.

Sonic Boom

782 Bathurst St Toronto ON M5S 2R6

(416) 532-0334

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