4 Toronto Karaoke Bars to Suit Every Singer


The best way to combat cold Toronto weather? Gather your friends together and sing your heart out. Whether you’re serious about hitting those high notes or just feel like being silly for a few hours, there’s a karaoke night waiting for you. There’s nothing like flipping through the song book to find your jam. Britney Spears? Van Halen? That Boyz II Men song you always sing in the shower? It’s time to show your friends what you’ve got at Toronto’s 4 best karaoke bars.

XO Karaoke

Feeling a little shy? The private karaoke rooms at XO Karaoke in Koreatown are a good way to warm up your vocal chords without the scrutiny of an entire bar. You and your friends can rent a room and choose from a catalogue of over 500,000 songs to belt out. They’re cozy nooks with comfy couches, and you can order drinks to be delivered directly to the room. The bizarre screensaver-style backgrounds that have nothing to do with the song playing provide additional entertainment. Fields of wheat swaying in the sunshine while you sing Journey? Whatever works.

The Beaver

When you’re ready to graduate to a full audience, The Beaver on Queen Street West is a good option. This dive bar has a small dance floor that will quickly fill up with happy, singing bar patrons if you’ve got the talent to entertain them. Every Sunday, get ready to watch people cabbage-patch to Rhianna and tootsie-roll to Fred Durst. Give into the ridiculousness.

The Office Pub

In the heart of Toronto’s club district, The Office Pub is a slicker version of bar karaoke. The audience is rowdy and ready for a good show. With drink and food specials as added incentive, karaoke is the main event every Wednesday to Saturday night. The night promises to be a grab bag of true vocalists mixed with much more amateurish (but enthusiastic) choirs singing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Revival Bar

All hip-hop karaoke pros know that Revival Bar‘s monthly event is the place to be. It’s not a impulsive move to sign up for this event. These MCs have practiced for a long time before getting up there to spit some rhymes. You’ll be amazed by the polished performances of your favourite hip-hop classics – and Revival has everything from Kris Kross to Wu-Tang. In December, go early for a free dinner buffet that supports the Daily Bread Food Bank. Maybe you’ll muster up the courage to present your rendition of “Waterfalls” next time around.

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Revival Bar

783 College Street Toronto ON M6G

(416) 535-7888

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