Toronto PATH: The Underground City


A secret civilization lurking beneath a bustling city sounds a bit like something out of a science fiction movie, but in Toronto, it’s as real as the nose on your face. PATH, the city’s underground pedestrian walkway, might be more of a mall than a civilization, but chances are your kids will still think it’s pretty cool. Originally designed to accommodate the ever-increasing pedestrian traffic in downtown Toronto–and to keep people comfortable during inclement weather–PATH has grown into more than just an alternate walkway. It’s a sprawling 30 kilometer (19 mile) arcade with access to more than 1,000 shops and services and 50 major office buildings and hotels. Your kids will be amazed at the ease of traveling through the city without ever stepping foot on a sidewalk or crossing a street, from Ripley’s Aquarium to the Hockey Hall of Fame and beyond. You might think that the PATH would be dark and cave-like, but its designers were prescient enough to include glass atriums and skylights to keep things bright. And, if at any point you get a little turned around, just follow the signs: red P’s point South, orange A’s West, blue T’s North and yellow H’s to the East. Or ask somebody for directions. You know how friendly Toronto residents are.

Toronto PATH

600 Bay Street Suite 405 Toronto ON M5G 1M6

(416) 726-8000

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