Sweet Treats: A Candy Lover’s Guide to Toronto


Feel like a rock star, or can’t wait until happy hour? There’s a candy for that. Toronto might be best known as Canada’s financial powerhouse, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a sweet side. Here are Toronto’s top choices for indulging your sweet tooth.

Squish Candies

Step inside the kaleidoscope of colour in Toronto’s new SQUISH Candies, North America’s first artisanal gummy store, and you’ll find a gummy to match your mood. Whether you opt for a gummy bear that tastes like a frothy milkshake, or go for strawberry licorice—a flavour guaranteed to whisk you to back to childhood summers, when you stood with a sweaty handful of coins in front of a penny candy bin—there are more than 100 to choose from. But it’s not all flashbacks. SQUISH offers adult flavours, such as Red Hot Chilipeppers, and Prosecco: a bubbly burst that suits the most sophisticated celebration. SQUISH even offers vegetarian, vegan, Kosher, dairy-free, and GMO-free options.

Tasty Tours

You can also indulge your passion for sweet confections with a walking tour of Kensington Market with Tasty Tours. As you stroll through this historic neighbourhood, a slideshow of tantalizing aromas and sounds will beckon from the open doorways of its eclectic shops—first the pulsing beat of a Bob Marley reggae hit, then the melody of Tibetan bells, or a waft of cinnamon incense, and at another, the fresh sea smell of a Portuguese fish market. Kensington Market is a multi-ethnic neighbourhood, so you’ll soak up some culture along with your sweets.

One of the tastiest stops along the winding route is the Toronto Popcorn Company, an artisanal popcorn maker that’s a mecca for adventurous foodies. Inside the tiny shop, you can sample traditional flavours such as caramel candy, as well as inventive tastes such as smoky maple-bacon, spicy pizza, or a green apple popcorn that tastes as though its been picked fresh from the orchard. It’s the Willy Wonka of popcorn stores, and best of all, you can sample to your heart’s content. Other mouthwatering experiences of this Tasty Tour include sampling authentic Turkish Delight, browsing the saltwater taffy bins at the Blue Banana emporium, and hanging out at Pancho’s Bakery—known for its fresh churros sprinkled with sugar and filled with velvety dulce de leche.

Sugar Mountain

This shrine to candy lovers is filled with sweet memories of the good old days: Elvis tins from the 1950s, cartoon Pez dispensers, and even Charlie’s Angels and Dallas posters. At Sugar Mountain, you’ll have fun exploring the huge selection of classic nostalgia laid out, with Canadian favourites such as Koo Koo Taffy: the Neapolitan choco-vanilla-strawberry-striped confection popular in the 1980s. And who could forget Chupa Chups: the oh-so-round Spanish lollipops with a logo designed by Salvador Dali? For extra fun, try a package of Harry Potter-inspired Jelly Belly BeanBoozled jelly beans. You never know what you’ll get with these wild look-alike candies. Will that brown jelly bean be delicious chocolate pudding flavour, or nasty canned dog food? Is it toothpaste flavour, or berry? Candy lovers won’t be able to resist taking this fear factor challenge.

Sugar Mountain

582 Danforth Avenue Toronto ON M4K 1R1

(416) 466-7202

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