Live Organic Food Bar: Healthy Pleasures


If you want your kids to eat their vegetables, take them where vegetables are exciting: Live Organic Food Bar. Located in the Annex, Toronto’s premier organic and raw food restaurant is the perfect place to bring your family for a satisfying meal, because the chefs at Live know that healthy food can be delicious too. This restaurant features creative and adventurous dishes in two categories: cooked and raw. From the former, an order of sweet potato and cornmeal quinoa hush puppies are sure to get the kids racing to grab the last one, while the chickpea burger, which substitutes a chickpea veggie patty for the beef, will have you convinced you’re eating the real thing. The raw portobello steak, meanwhile, simply explodes with flavors, with massaged kale, horseradish celery root, and chimichurri pesto giving it a serious kick. At Live, you pay for quality you can taste, especially in the specialty smoothies, juices, and humongous salads filled with a garden’s worth of fresh greens, so give it a try. Your kids may be skeptical of the root fries at first, but two bites later they’ll have a new favorite snack.

Live Organic Food Bar

264 Dupont St Toronto ON M5R 1V7

(416) 515-2002

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