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You’re wandering through a tropical rain forest with your family. The sounds of animal calls and flowing water surround you as keep a close eye out for the elusive poison dart frog. Have you taken a weekend jaunt to Costa Rica? Nope, you’re on a family day adventure at the Ontario Science Centre, where in the span of an afternoon you can hiss back at hissing cockroaches, go on an outer space voyage in a planetarium, explore a space station, touch a tornado, crawl through a cave, and fly like a raptor looking for its next meal. This premier Toronto attraction is one of those places where you’re happy to let your kids run wild, since you know that wherever they wander, they’ll learn something new about the world they live in. And you will too, since the center has attractions for all ages, including an OMNIMAX theater that shows breathtaking documentaries like Born to be Wild, Great White Shark, and Under the Sea, which takes you to the Great Barrier Reef to see the colorful lives of some of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures. After a few hours of excitement, you’ll be ready for a break, so drop by the Kidspark Café for hot dogs and pizza before powering through the last of the exhibits. Ready to leave? Not so fast. The kids will make a beeline for the Mastermind Gift Shop, where they’ll convince you to buy them a stuffed animal or science kit because it’s “educational.” Go ahead and indulge them. It’s a small price to pay for an enlightening day of family fun.

Ontario Science Centre

770 Don Mills Rd Toronto ON M3C 1T3

(416) 696-1000

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