Best Views of Toronto: Unforgettable Ways to Mark a Milestone


When it comes to celebrating milestone events, like wedding anniversaries and birthdays, today’s travellers are looking for unforgettable experiences. The same old dinner out just doesn’t cut it anymore. Instead, try one of these three memorable adventures that offer a special bonus: the best views of Toronto.

Toronto Heli Tours

Sunlight glints off the waves a few feet below as you zoom over Lake Ontario from the Toronto Island Airport. You’re buckled into the back seat of a small helicopter with Toronto Heli Tours for an aerial tour of the city. As you climb into the clear blue sky, the sailboats and ferries below shrink into white dots. The helicopter vibrates rhythmically as you glide over the Canadian National Exhibition, home to Canada’s largest annual fair since 1879. Toronto’s iconic CN Tower rises from a cluster of shiny glass skyscrapers as you circle past at 2,000 feet. It’s almost as if you could reach out and touch it. You peer down through the open roof of the Rogers Centre, where multicoloured dots fill the stands, surrounding a bright green baseball diamond. Before you know it, you’re back at the airport, but the memories and photos from your tour will last forever.

CN Tower EdgeWalk

Feeling a little more daring? Head up the glass elevator of the CN Tower, where sky-high adventure awaits at 1,168 feet. That’s how high you are as you step, heart pounding, onto a five-foot-wide steel grate in the open air above Toronto. That’s just the beginning of the CN Tower EdgeWalk. This extreme adventure is the first of its kind in North America and offers a 360-degree view of Lake Ontario, Toronto Island, and the buildings and busy streets below as you circle the tower’s main pod. You lean back into your nylon safety harness, the wind buffeting your body. Your guide snaps a photo, preserving forever your moment of sheer madness, 116 stories above the ground.

Great Lakes Schooner Company

If heights make you queasy, you can enjoy the best views of Toronto from the water. Great Lakes Schooner Company offers a variety of boats for cruising Toronto harbour, including the tall ship Kajama. As you board the three-masted 1930s schooner, you almost expect to see a bandanna-clad pirate brandishing a sword. Kajama traded under sail for almost 70 years at ports across Western Europe before being restored. Once the 165-foot ship is out in the harbour, you accept a crew member’s invitation to help hoist the sails. You pull hard on the twisted rope and watch the white canvas unfold like magic. Then it’s off to the bar for a cold drink. As you settle onto a wooden bench to soak up the sun and spectacular views, a small cannon blasts a shot from the back. Ahoy matey, there will be no mutiny on this bounty!

Toronto Heli Tours

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