A Fashionista’s Guide to Sydney Markets


Looking for unique, locally made designs? What about a hand-embroidered evening gown or a pair of vintage 1970s sunglasses? If that’s the case, you’ll find many of Sydney’s shopping gems are outside—not inside the store. Whether it’s the glamorous Bondi markets or the more offbeat market stalls in Glebe, these Sydney markets are a must for anyone who enjoys fashion.

Bondi Markets

Enjoy a sun-splashed Sunday at the Bondi markets, a buzzing hub of eclectic shopping treasures at Bondi Beach Public School. While it might not look like much at first, once you head past the school gates you’ll find yourself surrounded by one-of-a-kind fashion and art. You look to your left and see rows of breezy summer dresses. You look to your right and discover delicate, hand-crafted jewellery. Around every bend your eye is caught by something special; maybe it’s a pair of light-catching earrings, or it’s a sparkly retro jumpsuit. As one of the most vibrant Sydney markets, you’ll be sure to leave with your hands filled with new, exciting finds.

Glebe Markets

Follow the down-tempo jazz beats to Glebe markets, an exciting jumble of clothes stalls, art, and music. You start from the main entrance on Glebe Point Road and stop to catch a glimpse of the live quartet playing on the grass. But don’t get distracted! Keep going and you’ll soon see rows and rows of interesting-looking clothes and designs. You browse through a rack of vintage denim jackets, then move on to the stall selling jewellery made from hand-painted glass. You run your hands over a blue sequinned dress and fantasise about what shoes would match. If you feel overwhelmed by choice, take a break and admire the local artwork for sale. Grab a plate of steaming gozleme, sprawl out on the lawn, and enjoy the live music. Remember, you have all day to shop! Take your time and you’ll be happily surprised by these Sydney markets.

Paddington Markets

If you’re looking for a novel piece of Sydney fashion, make sure you pop by the Paddington markets on a Saturday. Start early and pick up a cup of coffee from the Paddington Grind to prepare for your big shopping adventure. You walk past the fortune tellers and tarot card readers on their velvet-covered milk boxes, and enter the markets through the opening by the church. You catch a whiff of a lemon blossom candle burning at a nearby store, and see laid out on a white linen tablecloth an intricate assortment of handmade jewellery. You gently pick up a piece and study it in the light. From the corner of your eye, you see a long draped dress dangling from a hanger and make a beeline to get a closer look. At every stall, you find something precious: a hand-dyed printed blouse, an alpaca-wool scarf, a delicate mother-of-pearl necklace. When these Sydney markets finally start to pack up, you’re still not sure if you’ve seen everything and promise yourself you’ll be back next week.

Bondi Markets

Campbell Parade Bondi Beach NSW 2026

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