Estheva Spa at Raffles Hotel: Chocolate-Inspired Luxury and Pampering


Wander the quiet, creamy pearl colonnades of the Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade, and allow yourself to pause for a moment. In these tall and imposing arches, only the heat of the city reminds you that you are steps away from the traffic and pedestrian footfall.

Here, there are immaculate gardens filled with traveller palms, ferns, and fountains. As you turn the corner, you find Estheva Spa, a discrete and restful luxury day spa with over thirty years’ worth of heritage and excellence. This is the perfect venue to rejuvenate and pamper yourself, or a wonderful way to spoil your significant other.

Italian Inspiration

This spa was inspired by a visit to hot springs in southern Italy, which date back to the days of the Roman Empire. Roman soldiers used such thermae for their health-giving benefits, and it’s no wonder why: Sulphuric hot springs bring great fertility and rejuvenation to the surrounding lands.

This experience was the creative power behind Estheva Spa, which today claims a clientele of two generations: parents, and their (now grown-up) children. For these customers at least, Estheva is something of a well-kept family secret. Whether you are staying at nearby Raffles Hotel or just happen to be in the area, stop by this hidden gem for a truly sweet afternoon.

Modern Luxuries

Entering the spa, you sit underneath the striking chandeliers, in a lobby distinguished with lavender and other decorative flourishes of the Mediterranean. Choosing from a menu of treatments, your choice is one of the chocolate-inspired treatments, prepared with Swiss-formulated ingredients.

After you select your oils, scented with various botanicals and floral blossoms, follow your therapist along the corridor past soft magnolia lamps on Corinthian plinths. You can’t help the feeling of having reached deep inside a stately Roman villa. Your treatment room, available for either one person or for a couple, has the most luxurious shower you’ve ever seen and comes with an invigorating hydrotherapy bath in the corner.

A Sweet Treat

The Estheva Chocolatier’s Massage is one of the specialities of the house, and it’s the treatment of choice for gourmands. It commences with an exfoliating body polish and thermal gommage. After this, imagine the feeling of warmed chocolate combined with sweet almond oil drizzled all over the body: A soothing, stimulating massage like this quiets the mind and calms the spirit. The phenolic compounds of the chocolate target free radicals in the skin and reduce the effects of aging, while the essence of cocoa nurtures the body’s youthfulness.

After this utterly delicious experience, you proceed next to the Chocolate Fondue Wrap—quite as delicious as it sounds—before pausing for a moisturising shower. Lastly, the Bodylift Rub provides a vigorous finale to a thoroughly decadent experience. Afterwards, you happily accept some Swiss chocolate and a demitasse of hot tea: Good massages tend to lower the body temperature, and the heat of the tea helps to restore it.

It’s not every day you revel in such gratuitous self-indulgence, but this rare find in the Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade warrants it. Taste the sweet life with these rich treatmeants—your mind and body will thank you.

  • Estheva Luxury Day Spa

    328 North Bridge Road, #01-30/31 Raffles Hotel Arcade

    65 6338 3318

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