3 Steps to an Exquisite Island Hopping Adventure, Luxury Yacht Included


Dreaming of a splendid island hopping adventure? This insider’s guide is all you need before you set sail on a elegant yacht to explore the hidden treasures of the islands. Soon enough, you’ll be diving along stunning reefs, basking in the sun, and trekking through a tropical paradise.

Decide on the Islands to Explore

Along Singapore’s waters, Sentosa Island is a well-known tourist spot, but it’s far from your only option. Kusu Island is known for its rich heritage and places of worship, and Sisters Island boasts tremendous marine biodiversity. For an off-the-beaten-path adventure, head to Lazarus Island, which is perhaps the country’s best-kept secret. With barely any commercial activity, this tranquil hidden island will no doubt charm you with its exquisite turquoise waters. You’ll enjoy sinking into the silky soft sand at any of these picturesque beaches.

The Phi Phi Islands of Thailand similarly offer a repose from the busy city life, and are popular with diving and snorkelling enthusiasts for their cool, crystal clear waters. Other recommended spots for diving and snorkelling include Malaysia’s Sibu and Tioman Islands. The latter has a lush inland rainforest that’s worth a sojourn as well.

A short sail away are Indonesia’s islands. Party, shop, and indulge in some crisp, cool, and refreshing seafood at Batam Island, a delightful end to a day of wandering the island. Don’t miss the awe-inspiring dive-sites and inspiring cultural attractions, too.

Book Your Luxury Yacht

Done deciding where to visit on your invigorating island hopping trip? Now it’s time to book a majestic ride with AquaVoyage. With their fleet, you’ll have a do-it-your-way kind of adventure. Party people, the Aicon 85 and Sunseeker Manhattan is the perfect fit for you! These two yachts have the largest passenger capacity of the lot (45 to 60 people), making them great choices if you’re inviting a large party along on your adventure. For smaller groups, choose between the modern Rodman Spirit 2 or the speedy Chris Craft Launch 28 for your island hopping holiday. Imagine holding a bubbly glass of champagne in your hand, the sea breeze in your hair and the sun on your back. It can’t get any better than that!

Pack Your Bags

Probably the most tedious and least glamorous part of the preparation process is packing! Aside from your phone, camera, and passport, you’ll also need sun protection essentials such as sunblock, shades, and a hat. For chilling along the shore, swimsuits are a must, as well as comfortable T-shirts, shorts, or pants. Be sure to include a fancy dress or shirt for a potential dinner party on the yacht, too!

Flip flops are perfect for a summer getaway, but bring along some walking or hiking shoes (and insect repellent!) if you’re planning to explore the islands. Though you hate to imagine rain on your trip, it would be wise to bring an umbrella or raincoat while meandering around. You never know when it will drizzle, particularly when you’re trekking through a tropical paradise.

Lastly, it’s best to bring along some cash in local currency for the places you’re visiting. It’ll come in handy when you yearn to taste some authentic local fare or pick up some souvenirs in memory of your exuberant island hopping adventure. Bon voyage!

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