L’Operetta: 90-Second Italian Pizza That’s Straight From Naples


L’Operetta is the perfect spot for Italian-influenced Japanese food in Singapore. But whether the occasion is a romantic evening’s dinner or a business power-lunch, nothing satisfies quite like their pizza—that glorious street food from Naples—served here as the first restaurant in Singapore to achieve certification for its Italian pizza.

Everyone loves pizza: It’s a truth beyond dispute that even the most diverse crowd is united by their common love of baked dough with melted cheese on top. Indeed, nothing puts a smile on the face of so many people quite like the mere suggestion of a cheesy slice—pizza hits the spot (and pleasure centres of the brain) every time.

So it is with great pride (and more than a little confidence) that you’ll declare to your other half or business partner how the Italian pizza at L’Operetta is simply the best in town. This chain of upmarket Japanese-Italian restaurants is even certified by the AVPN: Association of Real Neapolitan Pizza (Verace Pizza Napoletana) of Naples.

Restaurants endowed with the coveted AVPN certification have to meet a number of strict requirements. Firstly, only the right type of flour, “double-zero” (ultra-finely milled) flour, may be used. San Marzano tomatoes are needed, nothing less, and fior di latte or buffalo mozzarella. All pizzas must be kneaded carefully (no mechanics here), and surprisingly, are cooked and rotated perfectly by hand (with the aid of a very long pole) by a pizzaiolo for a period of between 60 and 90 seconds in a magnificent wood-fired oven, heated to over 500 degrees Celsius!

L’Operetta has a chain of three different restaurants, with the Enoteca, Trattoria, and Pizzeria, in different parts of the city (Boat Quay and Tanjong Katong), which offer the complete range of Italian eatery experiences. Chef Takashi Ohkawa, trained in both Japan and northern Italy, demonstrates his expertise with a sophisticated menu perfectly blending Japanese ingredients with Italian flavours, offering an interesting take on Japanese food in Singapore.

But for your next meal out, it’s going to be pizza all round. At L’Operetta, you can happily choose the margherita, the classic Italian pizza of Naples, with confidence that the basil and mozzarella will provide the simplicity of a great meal. The quattro formaggi (four cheese) does nothing for those cholesterol numbers, of course, but everything for the palate. The distinctively nutty notes of good Parmesan cheese feature on many of the pizzas on this menu, but really anything you go for is simply scrumptious. Don’t get caught up in the pretence of needing a knife and fork—you’ll want to do like the Italians and eat with your hands. Pair your pizza with a nice glass of Prosecco and let the afternoon roll by.

For those looking for more courses over which to profess love or propose a business deal, L’Operetta’s menu explores the potential of Japanese ingredients to satisfy. The tagliatelle with Wagyu beef is a hit, and Kurobuta pork makes its distinguished appearance fused with perfection into some pasta and risotto dishes: an unusual twist on the usual range of available Japanese food in Singapore. Tiramisu offers the classic sweet ending to the meal before jolting back to reality with a doppio espresso.

All too soon, it’s time to leave the white linen tablecloths and the aroma of melting mozzarella on freshly baked dough behind. But unlike those fountains where people drop a coin in the hope of returning, it’s a pretty safe bet you’re going to be back very soon.

Enoteca L'Operetta

78 Boat Quay Singapore 049866

+65 6438 2482

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