Indulge in Delectable Asian Flavours with Unique Desserts


It’s no surprise that the range of desserts you can find in Singapore are just as multicultural as the country itself. Allow yourself to indulge in some distinct Asian flavours with these unique desserts, ranging from one-of-a-kind cake flavours to sweetly topped toast. They are sometimes weird, sometimes unexpected, but always gorgeous and delectable.

Flower Pot Cakes at Banana Tree

Fancy eating out of a flower pot with a miniature spade? That’s what you’ll get at this café. Originating from South Korea, Banana Tree is known for its beautiful flower pot cakes. You’re forgiven if you pass by the café thinking that people are eating potted flowers; this signature dessert is presented in an actual flower pot, topped off with chocolate sandwich cookie ‘soil’, chocolate pebbles, and of course, flowers. Of the unique desserts on this list, these are perhaps the most photogenic of all.

Salted Egg Yolk Molten Chocolate Lava Cake at Five and Dime

From savoury to sweet, salted eggs are used in various Asian cuisines. Five and Dime combines this distinctly Asian ingredient with chocolate in their popular lava cakes. When you cut this chocolatey creation open, you reveal a molten centre of salted egg yolk custard. You indulge in the moist, rich flavour and the creamy filling once you take a bite. This is definitely one of the most jaw-dropping lava cakes you will ever taste, and it will leave your taste buds dancing!

Tofu Cheesecake at Cake Spade

Another common ingredient in Asian cuisine, tofu is cleverly used at Cake Spade. They turn this protein-rich dinner ingredient into dessert with their tasty tofu cheesecakes. One of the unique desserts on their menu is a spin on the regular strawberry shortcake—order their Strawberry Tofu Cheesecake and you’ll find that it’s a surprisingly light and lovely dessert. This smooth tofu filling goes perfectly with the cookie crust, complete with fresh strawberries encased in a layer of jelly.

Shibuya-Style Honey Toast at Dazzling Café

This café features thick toasts served with fruits, filled with melted hazelnut chocolate, topped with cream and drizzled with honey—delectable! Despite the simple name of ‘honey toast’, there is something remarkable about the taste of the elaborate dessert that shot this Taiwanese café brand to fame. With the franchise’s expansion, Dazzling Café is probably one of the first and most well-known spots to bring Shibuya-style toasts to Singapore.

White Rabbit Candy Ice Cream at Dessert Project

Dessert Project also has thick toasts on the menu, but the stand-out picks from this restaurant are their novel ice cream flavours. In particular, the White Rabbit Candy Ice Cream is an unbelievable must-try. This notable ice cream flavour was inspired by White Rabbit Candy, an old-school Singaporean favourite milk-candy which is also popular in other Asian countries. Other yummy Asian-inspired ice cream flavours include Thai Milk Tea and Pineapple Tart. It’s unlike any frozen treat you’ve ever had!

When the craving for something sweet strikes, don’t reach for something familiar. Branch out with these truly unique desserts, and find a new favourite treat in Singapore!

  • Five and Dime

    297 River Valley Rd, Singapore 238338

    65 9236 5002

  • Cake Spade

    1 Tras Link, #01-06 Orchid Hotel, 078867

    65 6444 3868

  • Dazzling Cafe

    15 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178906

    65 6384 3310

  • Dessert Project

    22 Havelock Rd, Singapore 160022

    65 8113 5385

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