Gourmet Chocolate and Desserts in Singapore: Indulge your Sweet Tooth


From handcrafted truffles to edible art, Singapore’s dessert scene is getting increasingly sophisticated. So, why not treat yourself to a gourmet dessert experience that’s out of the ordinary at one of Singapore’s best restaurants?

Chocolate Rhapsody at Fullerton Bay Hotel

Indulging in the Chocolate Rhapsody at Fullerton Bay Hotel is a deliciously decadent experience. Upon taking your seat in the elegant, chandelier-lit lobby with stunning waterfront views, you’re presented with a three-tier stand bearing a medley of gourmet desserts. You begin your cocoa-inspired feast by sampling the salted caramel tart, its rich flavours lingering pleasantly on your palate. Next, your attention shifts to the chocolate fondue set, which is accompanied by fresh fruit and biscotti. As you relish a strawberry dipped in velvety Valrhona chocolate, you pause to admire the chic Art Deco surroundings and the glittering backdrop of Marina Bay. Though you’re starting to feel full, you can’t resist trying a few more exquisite treats. Perhaps you’ll take a small bite of the profiteroles or the peppermint-infused chocolates? One thing’s for sure: After such a blissfully indulgent evening, you can’t wait to plan your next visit.


It’s date night, and after walking down a quiet street near Holland Village and spotting a modest shophouse tucked away at the very end, you finally arrive at one of Singapore’s best date spots. As you enter 2am:dessertbar, you take in the sleek and contemporary design, as well as the inviting private booths that are the ideal spot for a romantic meal. Chef Janice Wong is famous for elevating her desserts into dazzling artistic creations, and you find yourself wanting to try everything on the menu. Finally, you settle on the Truffle Infinity, a sinfully delicious combination of caramel, truffles, and hazelnut nougatine. Each dish is paired with a recommended drink, and you discover that the Italian Cane cocktail is the perfect complement to your sumptuous dessert. Not to be outdone, your date orders the Tsujirihei Green Tea Tart, a signature creation accompanied by jasmine rice sherbet. With your sweet tooth fully satisfied by these delectable desserts, you both agree that your outing was a complete success.

Angelina Singapore

With its dainty pastries, chic waiters, and white-and-gold decor, Angelina conjures up all the elegance of a Parisian tea salon. As you peruse the menu, you’re immediately tempted by Angelina’s famous hot chocolate drink, “L’Africain.” Made with three different types of African cocoa and served with a pot of Chantilly cream, this delightfully rich and velvety concoction tastes like pure bliss. To accompany this decadent treat, you order the Mont Blanc—an airy meringue dessert enrobed with chestnut cream. Your friend decides to indulge in the scrumptious Choco-passion Tart, which consists of milk chocolate, passion fruit jelly, and a crunchy praline biscuit. There are many more desserts you would love to try—for instance, the caramel macaroons or vanilla eclairs—but you simply can’t take another bite. At least now you have the perfect excuse to return to this French pastry haven.

Fullerton Bay Hotel

80 Collyer Quay Singapore 049326

+65 6333 8388

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