Eating Out by the River at Robertson Quay


Robertson Quay, once the sleepier cousin of Clarke Quay, is now being rediscovered as an up-and-coming spot to chill by the riverside. If you’re planning on eating out and are looking for ideas, look no further than the array of restaurants and bars along Robertson Quay. Here are some of the best picks.

Verre Wine Bar

This is the perfect place to savour French cuisine after an evening stroll. The glass wine cellar at the centre of the restaurant catches your attention as soon as you step in, displaying the impressive selection of house wines that Verre is known for. You spot several tempting dishes on the menu including a smooth Black Garlic Soup, savoury Suckling Pig, and tender Wagyu Beef, which can all be paired with carefully selected wines.


The relaxing ambience of Boomerang puts you at ease and inspires you to be adventurous, so you opt for the Kangaroo Loin. One of the few Australian restaurants in Singapore, Boomerang also screens live sport and serves Australian beers on tap. The Boomerang Deluxe pizza is a favourite and comes topped with Wagyu beef and spicy Italian sausage.

Decker Barbecue

Decker is just a corridor away from Boomerang. String lights, picnic tables, and an open kitchen give this place an old-school vibe. The beef brisket and pulled pork are the standout picks from their menu but don’t miss out on their tasty sides and bottled lagers (hipster-approved, of course).

Soi 60

Soi 60‘s delightfully colourful décor will catch the eye of anyone strolling by the river. You’ll easily spot the restaurant decked out with a random smattering of blue, pink, and yellow chairs. This is a good spot for eating out (green curry and pad thai, anyone?), but it’s also good for chilling out as well. Take your pick from the extensive cocktail menu and enjoy the river view with a drink in hand.

Super Loco

Another establishment adding colour to the waterfront, Super Loco features a laid-back interior with cheerful cyan hues. This is the perfect Mexican pick for eating out by the river at Robertson Quay, serving Mexican street food that’s packed with flavour. The Pulled Pork Torta, the Baja Fish Taco, and the Breakfast Burrito are some of the highlights on the menu. But the absolute winner is the Elotes, a Mexican-style grilled corn with cheese, chilli, and mayonnaise, so don’t leave without trying that.


Grill it yourself at this Japanese BBQ restaurant, known for its charcoal-grilled beef. Try the signature beef set that comes with an assortment of cuts. An extra order of Wagyu might be necessary for beef-lovers, with its gorgeous marbling and irresistible melt-in-your-mouth flavour. Amazing beef aside, Aburiya also serves up pork belly marinated in miso, prawns, and scallops with butter sauce, and yes, you can have your greens too, with their grilled sweet corn and salads.

Red House Seafood

Having introduced the range of cuisines at Robertson Quay, what about something a little more local? While Red House Seafood doesn’t specialize in Singaporean cuisine per se, the restaurant serves up one of Singapore’s most representative dishes: the chilli crab. Apart from the signature crab in its distinct sweet and spicy chilli sauce, this establishment is known for serving some of the freshest seafood dishes around. From crayfish to prawns to lobster, settle all your seafood cravings while enjoying the river breeze.

Bar Bar Black Sheep

Featuring a bar and three kitchens specializing in Thai, Western, and North Indian cuisine, Bar Bar Black Sheep is perfect for the hungry and the fickle-minded. The spicy Tom Yum Goong, creamy Butter Chicken, and Chargrilled Burgers are some of their best dishes. Bar Bar Black Sheep is the only outlet that offers local Singaporean dishes on the menu. The Nasi Lemak with aromatic rice cooked in coconut milk comes highly recommended.

Verre Wine Bar

8 Rodyk Street Singapore 238216

+65 6509 1917

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