Celebrate Chinese New Year with the Best of Asian Cuisine


Chinese New Year is around the corner, and Singapore is one of the best places in the world to celebrate. There are festivities around the city, so top off your celebrations with a bang at these restaurants serving mouthwatering Asian cuisine.

The Clifford Pier

Both a historical and culinary landmark, this restaurant is housed in the beautifully refurbished The Clifford Pier, located within the iconic Fullerton Bay Hotel. The establishment features signature hawker food and authentic Asian cuisine with a unique twist. From the Fried Carrot Cake to the Wagyu Beef Rendang, local and regional dishes are served up with a waterfront view and a luxurious ambience, which is perfect for a Chinese New Year celebration.

National Kitchen

Black walls with gold outlines evoke a classy vibe while Peranakan tiles and old photographs make for a rustic local touch. National Kitchen is known for being a melting pot of Asian cuisine and is the place to go for top-notch Singaporean food. Fittingly, as a restaurant that curates local flavours, the National Kitchen is housed in the National Gallery, which is to Singapore’s heritage what the National Kitchen is to the country’s cuisine.

Kai Garden

Kai Garden offers Asian cuisine with a twist, which is exactly what you’d want for an exciting Chinese New year dinner. The Cantonese restaurant boasts avant-garde creations including Chilled Cherry Foie Gras (which is the unlikely, yet delicious combination of cherries stuffed with foie gras), Sweet and Sour Pork on The Rocks (yes, it’s pork on ice), and Pan Fried Charcoal Pork Bun (a basket of unusual charcoal-coloured buns). Don’t miss out on the exquisite traditional dishes as well. The classic Peking Duck is a hit.


Another Cantonese pick, Mitzo features a swanky interior, complete with full-length windows, mirrored ceilings, and tinted glass panes. The name was inspired by the Cantonese word for “honeyed date,” a key ingredient in soups. Of course, the restaurant’s double-boiled soups are amazing, as are their popular roast meat dishes and artisanal Asian-inspired cocktails.


This private dining space is housed in a bungalow located at, you guessed it, Scotts Road. With an unparalleled level of exclusivity, the reservations-only concept makes Scotts27 the perfect spot for a private Chinese New Year affair with friends and family. You’ve been warned, the limited number of dining rooms (only three) means you have to book early to avoid disappointment.

The Clifford Pier

80 Collyer Quay Singapore 049326

+65 6597 5266

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