Denizens of Design: PMQ, Hong Kong’s Hip Hub of Creative Enterprise


If you are a free, independent spirit, and pride yourself on being a true original, then you’ll love the recently revitalized Police Married Quarters (PMQ). Formerly the site of Central School/Queen’s College, and later rebuilt post-World War II as the living quarters of married police officers, its roots date back to 1889. But today, Hong Kong’s ambitious, ever-evolving, easy-to-shop hub boasts emerging, home-grown creativity and design. Oozing character and beautifully bridging the historic with the contemporary, PMQ Hong Kong is about to become your new favourite place. When you shop this unique hotspot in the heart of hilly Central you find the inspired wares of artists and enterprising designers from Hong Kong and beyond, including a wide assortment of can’t-live-without homewares, men’s and women’s fashion, jewellery, accessories, toys, children’s clothing, and artisanal gifts.

Your first stop is in the fashion section, where you find a whole range of stylish choices. For cheeky design you visit The Refinery. Elizabeth Lau’s spirited shop showcases her own line of London-influenced T-shirts and her favourite brands from around the world. Next up, it’s time to explore Aly & Rachelle, the cosy shop where you’ll want to splurge on a new wardrobe of versatile, ready-to-wear chicness. And if you’d rather have that glorious dress or dashing bow tie in jade green instead of red. Just ask! Several shops offer bespoke services.

At the elegant Marijoli, you can rejuvenate an heirloom jewel or cocreate a modern bauble personalized to your refined taste. Or for something totally different, chain yourself up in an edgy necklace customised just for you by Maggie Tse at aogp, the jewellery boutique whose pieces seem more like works of art.

Also on display at PMQ are a range of artisanal products that will spoil you both inside and out. You immerse yourself in aromatherapy at Home Works, chock-full of luscious eco-conscious soaps, lotions, and other potions. And you’re astonished by the almost-too-gorgeous-to-eat made-to-order cakes at Phoenix Sweets. PMQ Hong Kong is a beacon (and your new go-to source) for unpretentious design and bijou boutiques, with just a hint of irreverent edge. You can feel the pulse of Hong Kong’s creative scene here and pick up a gift or two along the way. Just don’t forget to treat yourself.

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