Lan Kwai Fong and Beyond: The Top 5 Alfresco Bars in Hong Kong


As a traveller to the Hong Kong, one of the best ways to experience the city is through its nightlife, and that means hitting the rooftops. Whether your poison of choice is lychee martinis in Lan Kwai Fong, kir royales in Kowloon, or tequila in Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong has plenty to offer the seasoned barhopper. So charge your glasses because it’s time for a tipple (or two) atop of Hong Kong’s most iconic alfresco bars.


Situated in the heart of the Lan Kwai Fong party district in the Hotel LKF, you find Azure. When you enter into the restaurant-cum-bar of glitz and glamour, you discover an intimate terrace serving up breathtaking views of Hong Kong’s neon by night. The décor here is as classy as the clientele, with muted grey and blue tones, plush upholstered seating, and mood lighting, allowing the skyline to take centre stage. You enjoy the amazing view of the city with a glass of wine in hand, and you think things can’t get much better.


Located in the heart of Central, Armani/Privé is the place to be seen when the sun goes down. This venue includes a bar and club, and is one of only four Armani-branded lounge clubs in the world. Thanks to the high level of exclusivity, to nab the perfect table on the gorgeous terrace, you will have to make a reservation, but it is worth the advance planning. As you enjoy the night air and take in the view, you sample drinks from the Salt Discovery Cocktail Collection, an innovative menu of rare salt-infused beverages. And if you’re in the mood, you can enjoy a selection of fine cigars from the bar’s very own humidor, which could be the perfect end to a perfect evening.


Set your sights a little higher with a cocktail at The Ritz-Carlton’s OZONE Bar. Officially the world’s highest bar, Ozone’s lofty outdoor space on the 118th floor gives you a truly stunning panorama across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. The iconic space draws a sophisticated local crowd keen to kick back and appreciate the city’s stunning vistas over a mixologist-approved creation after a hard day at the office. Sip an Aria 118, OZONE’s refreshing take on the lychee martini, or try the appropriately named, Hong Kong Rooftop, a vodka drink that mixes the salty taste of caramel, the sourness of lemon, and the sweetness of strawberry in one delicious concoction.

Fu Lu Shou

Fu Lu Shou, the casual rooftop restaurant and bar, is a hidden gem that Hong Kong insiders love. Stashed away in an incongruous commercial building on bustling Hollywood Road, the bar is so exclusive that you’ll need to call ahead earlier in the day for the secret door access code. As you make your way up in the building’s rather unassuming lift, you’re rewarded with a petite and stylish terrace, complete with wall murals and modern Chinese décor. The emphasis here is on creative cocktails, with traditional Asian flavours transformed into unexpected and delicious new combinations.


Occupying the decked rooftop area of the EAST hotel tucked away within Taikoo’s office developments and high-rise apartments, Sugar offers a different perspective of the skyline, with its striking views from the east side of Hong Kong Island. You listen to one of the international DJs on hand to give your sundowner its very own soundtrack, as you peruse the consistently updated cocktail menu. Tiki-themed blends are perfect for summer, and this is the ideal spot for after-work drinks. Before you go make on last stop—you can’t miss the “loo with a view.” Sugar’s bathrooms are legendary in Hong Kong for their glass walls that overlook the surrounding area.

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