Revitalizing Traditional Chinese Massage


In the center of Beijing, to the east of the third ring road in the Sanlitun bar district, if you head north from you find a large shopping center with a movie theater. If you head south, you find a variety of authentic snacks and international dishes from around the world, along with endless forms of entertainment, including massage parlors and just about anything your heart desires.

On a particularly wide and bustling street in this area you see countless vehicles and pedestrians passing by every day. As you walk along the street, heading west, you come across an abundance of colorful and high-end shopping centers, and office buildings so tall that you can’t help feeling dizzy when you look up.

If you pass by the towering modern buildings and head straight, you come across a few mobile newsstands and fruit shops. This area is home to the old town of Beijing, and you can still see the original brick houses and ancient alleyways, or hutongs, with the picturesque backdrop of birds fluttering around in the tree branches.

In the entrance to an alleyway you see a simple design printed with the word Bodhi on a light box. The light is extremely eye-catching and allows you to see all the way from the top to the bottom of the large glass curtain wall, which exudes a warm yellow color. As you enter the building, the mood is set by a small tranquil water feature and a variety of green plants to help you escape all the stresses of working life.

As you listen to the soft music play, passing more plants along a solid wooden staircase, you slowly approach the quiet and softly lit massage room, where an ancient method of massage therapy is practiced. You are handed a warm towel at just the right temperature to allow your tired body to relax. Once you are ready, your body is met by a pair of soft and warm hands applying an almost magical massage technique that takes away all the tiredness and fatigue that has built up in your body, leaving you feeling revitalized and as good as new. After the massage, you can enjoy a feast of traditional Chinese cuisine at the LOHAS cultural center. Without a doubt, this is the best way to end your day.

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