A Brand New Chinese Food Experience at Madam Zhu’s Kitchen


For a different kind of Chinese food experience, head to Madam Zhu’s Kitchen. Just half an hour’s drive away from the ancient architecture of Beijing’s old town, you find yourself in a completely different area with a completely different style. Here you are greeted by an array of colors, unique commercial buildings, and two towering blocks standing opposite each other.

Walking away from the trade center, you find a calming, peaceful area surrounded by lush greenery. You walk a little further and see a transparent glass room. Moving closer, you’re able to make out the words: Madam Zhu’s Kitchen. When these come into view, you suddenly feel very hungry, and are ready for some amazing Chinese food.

The restaurant’s exterior design is dominated by a large glass wall that gives it a European feel. Looking around, you see an array of different flowers and plants, which makes entering the restaurant seem almost like entering an overflowing greenhouse. Beyond this landscape of greenery, you find steps leading to the restaurant entrance. Inside, the designers have created a mosaic design with different patterns, turning the floor into a work of art.

As you walk through the aisle, you look up and see countless ceiling lights along with a looming shadow display on the dark brown translucent ceiling. As you make your way down the stairs, you finally arrive in the dining area. The white color scheme is augmented by the exquisitely designed natural wooden furniture. Every day the restaurant plays a selection of soothing music that works in harmony with the carefully chosen art hanging from the walls, to make this the perfect place to relax after a long day. Plants and pink roses create a warm, cozy atmosphere throughout the impressive restaurant.

As for the food itself, Madam Zhu hired master chefs from the north and south regions to create a diverse menu full of authentic dishes from across China. Madam Zhu’s Kitchen prides itself on serving Chinese food that remains authentic despite the fact that the chefs often add their own unique touch to the original dishes. Whatever you choose from this tempting menu, you’re sure to have an amazing and unforgettable dining experience.

And if you’re looking for something different, like Cantonese specialties, another fine choice is Yu Restaurant, located within the Ritz-Carlton. The dim sum is unforgettable, and, alone, makes the trip.

Madam Zhu's Kitchen

Chao Yang Men Wai Da Jie Beijing Beijing Shi

+86 10 5907 1625

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